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Let this be noted. My very first female sketch ever. I’ve decided to just draw a female finally and stop hesitating. I know she is in her undies, i’m not perverted just a study of the a female body. that is all. Sketch was done in photoshop cs4 using wacom intuos4 medium tablet. I’m really getting comfortable with using wacom. Soon i will be inking with it. Enjoy and more female sketches to come.


Apple Approves Opera Browser For iPhone

This is unprecedented.  Apple has a storied history of killing submitted apps for ‘duplicating functionality’ on the iPhone.  It’s the reason they killed Google Voice and it’s the reason we haven’t seen any other mail clients or browsers for the phone… until today.

Apple just approved the Opera browser.  The above video is the second video I’ve seen (the first was a few months ago before it was submitted) and it looks blazing fast.  I don’t know what they’re doing but it’s quick.  It also saves the last pages you have been to so you don’t have to keep reloading them everytime you navigate back.  I also like how the tabs run on the bottom bar.

As soon as this hits (which should be tonight or tomorrow morning) I will download it.

My new setup. No longer will be using the iMac. It has done me justice. But now it’s time to go mobile. With my new MacBook. I have it connected to a 23” monitor. It’s pretty sweet to have 2 screens. Also finally got rid of old wacom tablet and welcome the new wacom intuos4 medium. :)

Well I know it’s been like 3 weeks since my last web comic. Just been busy with other things. Also have a been establishing an actual story for my comic. Developing characters and all. So be patient with me :). Well in my journey with drawing I discovered that it’s better to ink your character with a light box. Instead of inking over the actual sketch. I find my lines to be a lot more cleaner when using the light box. Just thought I would share that. I put up an example. BTW this is a character in my story.

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